How To Find luxury Passover Hotels And Resorts?

With the growing fashion of celebrating Pesach at a beautiful destination, various countries have opened Pesach hotels for their Jews guests. The luxury hotels and restaurants are the perfect blends of luxury, learning, piety, and pleasure. When it comes to finding a perfect Pesach hotel, most Jews are afraid. They are afraid whether they will be able to get kosher meals. Along with this, they also have many other doubts while searching the Pesach hotels. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips to find luxury Passover hotels and Resorts.

  1. Search Passover Hotels Online

Once you have decided where you are going for the Passover celebration then start searching for luxury Passover hotels online. You should see the pictures of that hotel online. Also, you should consider watching a picture of the rooms and the surrounding view. You should shortlist a few hotels on the basis of your budget.

  1. Determine Who Will Prepare Food

Usually, the Passover programs operators hire kosher caterers and bring them to the hotel. In some cases, hotel staff are skilled and trained to prepare kosher meals. It is very important to find out who will prepare the kosher meal before booking any hotel for Passover vacation. Kosher caterers can prepare the best kosher meal because they have good experience in this field as compared to the hotel staff. Thus, you should consider calling the shortlisted hotel and ask them who will prepare a kosher meal. You should always book those hotels where special kosher caterers are hired for Passover time. If you have booked your seats in the Passover program, then consider asking all this from the program operator.

  1. Ask About Mashgichim

Usually, the kitchens during Passover are busy all the time. The breakfast preparation starts at 5 a.m. and ends late-night with washing dirty utensils. Thus, there is a requirement of two mashgichim in one kitchen and they will work in shifts. They will make sure that the kosher meals are prepared according to the rules. Thus, you should also ask about the Mashgichim in the hotel and how many they have appointed for one kosher kitchen.

  1. Starting Of Kosher Food Preparation

Usually, kosher caterers start the preparation of kosher food in months’ advance for the commissaries that are traveling from thousand miles away and will visit your hotels. It is a good idea to vacate the hotels before starting Pesach. A Vacation hotel will give some time to mashgichim to scrub everything and thoroughly clean the kitchen. If hotels are not vacated on time and kitchens are not cleaned properly, then it means the chef will not be able to serve perfect kosher meals. Thus, it is important to ask hotel owners when they start kosher food preparation.

  1. Serving Of Non-Pesach Food During Passover

Another important thing that you need to confirm during Passover is whether this hotel also serves non-kosher meals to non-Jews visitors in their hotel during Passover. Most Pesach hotels serve non-kosher meals to their non-Jews guests. It is important to determine whether they have one kitchen or separate kitchens for preparing kosher and non-kosher meals. Some hotels divide their single kitchen into two different sections for preparing kosher and non-kosher meals. But, this can lead to a disaster due to a mix-up. You should only book those hotels that have separate kitchen facilities for preparing kosher meals for their Jews guests. Thus, before booking any Pesach hotels, you should ask whether they have a separate kitchen facility for preparing kosher meals or not.

  1. Arrangement of Drinking Glasses and Wine

Usually, the kosher caterers do not bring drinking glasses with them. Thus, they have to use hotel tumblers and they consider that these tumblers are used for cold drinks online. These tumblers are non-kosher and they should not be used for the holy spirits or hot drinks. There should be a separate arrangement of drinking glasses and wine for kosher. The kosher dishes, utensils, and glasses should be washed in a separate and dedicated kosher dishwasher. These few things should be confirmed before booking any Pesach hotels for your Passover vacation.

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Totally Jewish Travel has the latest Passover program for 2021 to suit your inclinations and your spending plan. It is an incredible and exciting season, which is loaded with memorable encounters, family time, and rich customs that help us to remember our long history and reason in this world.

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